Safe Spine Surgery Centre

The concept of Safe Spine Surgery Centre was born out of the continuous struggle between the neurosurgeons and the orthopaedicians considering spine surgery as their turf. We decided to bury this hatchet and work as a team. The patients with spinal problems are jointly seen by a team of neurosurgeon and orthopaedician and all the spine surgeries are done by the same team. The results are far superior and the patient gets the benefit of the expertise of both the specialists without having to pay the cost of two surgeons.


The centre is fully equipped with all the latest diagnostic and operative equipments like 3 Tesla MRI, 64 Slice CT Scan, Bone Densitometry (DEXA), Separate dedicated operation theatre for spine surgery with Laminar Air Flow and Hepa filters. This is backed by a 60 bedded state of art ICU with very high standards of hygiene. The centre which is located at Artemis Health Institute, Gurgaon has a team of doctors spanning all specialties like Neurosurgeons, Orthopaedicians, Anaesthetists, Trauma Specialists, Neurologists, Cardiologists.

Our Philosophy

We believe in the continuous advancement of the frontiers of Medical Science and therefore keep learning newer methods and techniques to make the lives of our patients better. We believe that the suffering of every patient needs the best attention, careful analysis and ultimately the best solution

Our Strengths

Team work and an unmatched combination of Neurosurgeon and Orthopaedician to take care of all the spine problems is our biggest strength. In order to achieve best results in the field of spine surgery the collective expertise of our team members gives an edge to us.

Choosing Us

Our team members have the best credentials and the best results in the field of spine surgery. If you are suffering from any spine ailment you should consult our doctors once before deciding on any course of treatment. Reaching us is very easy through contact us page.

Contact Information

Safe Spine Surgery Centre
Phone: 91-9810778811
Fax: 0124-4200616
E-mail: info@safespinesurgerycentre.com

Spine Confernce 9-10th March, 2013

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